The Music – La Cumparsita

LA CUMPARSITA. the most famous tango music in the world CELEBRATED 100 years IN 2017.
The anniversary was celebrated in most cities around the world.

The Centennial of the World’s Most Famous Tango Music

Written by the Uruguayan Gerardo Mattos Rodriguez, the Ministry of Tourism prepared a video clip to pay tribute to the World Champion of Salon Tango – 2014, the Uruguayan Lorena González and the Original music by Luciano Supervielle.

The history of la Cumparsita and a look into Uruguayan history of La Cumparsita as the composer was from Uruguay, making a connection to this part of la Cumparsita History.

La Cumparsita in Candombe, performed in Montevideo, Uruguay, by the Yambo Kenia Music Band.

Uruguay Natural TV La Cumparsita 100 years.

Tango Lovers by Copa Airlines.

The Musical Instrument That Defines Tango ‘The Bandoneon’

The origin of the bandoneon can be traced to the mid-19th century Germany where instrument inventor and dealer Heinrich Band (1821–1860) created the first version of this instrument. Around 10 years after his death, many German settlers immigrated to the New World, bringing their home traditions and musical instruments with them.

This enabled bandoneon to get a firm hold in South America, where many German immigrants settled in the port cities such as Buenos Aires and Montevideo. There, bandoneon becomes one of the cornerstones of the newly developed musical and dancing genre of Tango, which was an evolution of the numerous musical influences in the Argentina and Uruguay, most notably folk music style of the milonga. Forever linked with Tango music it remains in use to this day.

Maggie Ferguson, a Bandoneon player from Australia, with her orchestra the Australian Youth Orchestra TangoOz play La Cumparsita and dance Tango

The great Dino Saluzzi. He is now in his eighties and he still continues to refine his craft. His music is truly beautiful and something to be cherished and celebrated.

Raul Jaurena, considered one of the leading Bandoneon players today from Uruguay, plays La Cumparsita with the TMC orchestra.

Carlos Gardel Known as “The King of Tango”

Carlos Gardel born in 1890 in Toulouse France, immigrated to Uruguay with his Mother and then he lived in Argentina. He was only 44 years old and at the top of his career, when he was killed in an air crash in Medellin, Columbia. He was charming, sexy and loved by the entire world: the most important tango singer of all times. He is so revered in Argentina and Uruguay, that at Milonga dances as a token of respect to Gardel, his singing is never played at the end of a Milonga. There is a statue in his honour in Buenos Aires.

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