Professional Group

As a group of professionals from the entertainment and tango world, we are passionate about Tango and its roots with Candombe, which is the real history of Tango. It emerges in Uruguay and Argentina in the 1900’s and the development of the sophisticated Tango from these lively roots of Candombe.

Tango is not just a dance, it’s not just music, it’s Argentina’s way of life!
– Agnes Von Merhen, Event Curator

Event Production – Entertainment, Enjoyable & Fun

An event such as this requires a professional cast from Producer, Director, Music and Sound, Choreographers, stage production, an expert in Afro-Latino history, and much more in order to bring you the authentic history of Tango.

Tango is one of the most famous dances in the world coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our event will showcase spectacular dancers, music and singers. At the same time, the event will be entertaining, enjoyable, and let us have some fun.

Little is known about Candombe, its Carnival, its dancers, its drums and yet that Carnival is celebrated in most of the Latin American countries and particularly in Montevideo, the Capital City of Uruguay.

Sergio Barboza

Our Candombe expert is Sergio Barboza from Uruguay, he is the Director of La Magia Candombe Band and his Mother is known as La Mama Vieja, who is a Candombe dancer and designs the costumes for Carnival. Sergio spends time promoting Candombe to the public and has given many lectures on the subject of Uruguayan history of Candombe.

In March 2019, Sergio is giving a lecture on Candombe and its history at York University.

Andy Kamienski

Our Tango expert in Toronto is Andy Kamienski from El Abrazo Tango School, who has 25 years + experience teaching and dancing the Tango. Andy works closely with professional tango dancers in Argentina and is very involved in Tango in Toronto. Andy puts on the largest Tango Festival in Toronto every year in September and is well known in Tango Circles with his Milonga dances in Toronto, twice monthly.

Building a ‘foundation’ before you become an Argentine Tango dancer, is Andy’s credo, and that means learning the tango walk.

“My passion is Tango, I love the music, the dance, its history of how it began in Argentina and evolved into Tango from Candombe. After many meetings and collaborations with Tango and Candombe experts, This Is Tango became a reality.”

– Andy Kamienski

Comments from Agnes von Mehren, the Curator

The history of TANGO and the magic of how it has developed into one of the best-known dances worldwide is breathtaking. Still, Uruguay has retained the culture of CANDOMBE and its wonderful and colourful carnival.

As the curator, I have chosen videos and photographs of Tango, Milonga, and Candombe from their beginnings, the early movies into the 21st Century. Milongueros, Argentine movie stars and dancers, including the different types of music created can be found in the Gallery and History of Tango for you to enjoy.

A masked ball dinner theatre, with professional world champion tango dancers, tango quartet and Candombe drummers and Carnival dancers makes a compelling story of the History of Tango. Andy Kamienski from the El Abrazo Tango school in Toronto will bring professional dancers from Argentina and Uruguay, which is creating a lot of excitement. This is a once in a lifetime event, the first of its kind in Canada.

This Is Tango is coming to Toronto in Fall 2019

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